Wireless Home Network Installations


Wireless Networks are no longer a luxury. Wireless Networks are a necessity in these days of multiple PC households. When you add in smart phones, iPods, Tablets, internet enabled HDTVs, streaming devices, DVD players and gaming consoles, the need for a fast, reliable, Wireless Network is more important than ever. ER Computing can setup your Wireless Network and get you online in no time.

You'll pay our cost for the router and for $99.00* we will setup your Wireless Network.

Here's what's included:

  • Installation of the wireless router
  • Installation of any firmware updates for your router
  • Removal of the default router password
  • Setup of all of your wifi-enabled devices
  • Secure encryption of your wireless network

Already have a Wireless Network that's not working all that well? ER Computing can fix that too! We will troubleshoot your Wireless Network, add any devices you have to your Wireless Network and ensure your Wireless Network is secure for the low price of $79.00

*Wireless networks for businesses start at $149.00