Remote Support


ER Computing is proud to use TeamViewer to provide remote support to our customers. No matter where you are, if you have an internet connection, we can help you! We've got a TeamViewer 12 license and with our custom quick support module, we can connect to you within minutes.

Getting started is easy - simply click the TeamViewer button below:

That will download our custom quick support module. Click the file that downloads (TeamViewerQS.exe) to start TeamViewer. TeamViewer assigns each computer an ID number and a random password. Each time you start TeamViewer, that password will be different.

Tom will ask for that ID number and then the password. Next, prepare to have your PC troubles fixed remotely!

TeamViewer is safe and secure. After the session is done and you've closed TeamViewer, we can't reconnect to your PC until you've restarted TeamViewer and given us the new random password.

If the button above doesn't work for you, you can try downloading our custom support module here.