Photo Scanning

Desktop PC screenshot

Desktop PC screenshot


Every picture you own, accessible anywhere...

One of Google's best services is Google Photos. The ability to store all your smartphone pictures, in chronological order, for free, has changed how people use their smartphones. Gone are the days of running out of space on your smartphone because you have too many pictures and videos. What many people don't realize, is that you can add all your old photos to Google Photos regardless of where they are from. 

Ship me your photos and for .25 apiece, I will scan them and ship the photos back to you. If you are local, I will pick them up for free. If you have dates on the backs of the photos, I will edit the scanned photos to accurately reflect those dates. Once uploaded to Google Photos, the results will look like what you see in the image above - regardless of file name, the photos are in chronological order.  The photos are easily shared with family members which is perfect for situations where only one copy of the photo exists.

  • Photos scanned and dated for .25 apiece
  • Free return shipping for orders of 500 or more pictures
  • Free remote transfer of photos
  • Free remote session to explain Google Photos features
  • All of your photos in one place

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