New Computer Setups


You did it! You just bought your new PC or Laptop and you get it home and you wonder "Now what?" It's all too common a question amongst home computer users. ER Computing is here to help! Whether the computer is a replacement for an older computer or this is your first PC and you are a first time computer user, ER Computing will professionally setup your computer for $99.00 and we will give you an hour long class on how to use it.

Here's what's included:

  • Optimization of the Operating System

  • Installation of all Windows Updates including the latest version of Windows 10

  • Installation of all Microsoft Store updates

  • Removal of all trial software

  • Installation of Avast (free antivirus) if wanted

  • Installation of updated device drivers

  • Installation of Mozilla Firefox and / or Google Chrome

  • Installation of Adobe Reader and Adobe Air

  • Installation of the latest version of Java, with Java turned off in the browser if needed

  • Installation of Steam if needed

  • Installation of the FREE Microsoft Office alternatives, Open Office or Libre Office if needed

  • Installation of the FREE Photoshop alternatives, The GIMP or if needed

  • Installation of Open Source utilities to keep your PC running optimally

  • Installation of any of your legally owned software

  • Installation of any printer(s) you might own

  • Migration of your data from your old PC to your new PC including iTunes

  • One hour training class