Custom Computer Building


ER Computing builds PCs to your specifications. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?

1) You're in Best Buy or Staples and you're looking for a computer with specific specifications in mind. You see one or two computers that come close but they don't quite meet your requirements.

2) You are a gamer. You need a fast PC to play the latest, cutting edge games. You've priced PCs from Alienware and Falcon Northwest but you are not rich and gaming PCs are typically expensive.

3) You've got a HDTV and you think "Wouldn't it be great if I could hook up a computer to my HDTV? I'd love to watch Hulu and content from my PC on it.". Are you ready to say goodbye to high Cable TV prices? This is the way to do it!

ER Computing can help! You give us the specs for YOUR PC and we will build it. Do you need a business PC? We can build it. Do you need a gaming PC? We can build it. Do you need a (HTPC) Home Theater PC? We can build it.

Are you ready for the best part? You will pay what we pay for the parts and for $199.00 we will build it!

Here's what's included:

  • Assembly of the PC

  • Installation & optimization of the Operating System

  • Installation of all Windows Updates including the latest version of Windows 10

  • Installation of Avast (free antivirus) if wanted

  • Installation of updated device drivers

  • Installation of Mozilla Firefox and / or Google Chrome

  • Installation of the latest version of Java, with Java turned off in the browser if needed

  • Installation of Adobe Reader and Adobe Air

  • Installation of Steam if needed

  • Installation of the FREE Microsoft Office alternatives, Open Office or Libre Office if needed

  • Installation of the FREE Photoshop alternatives, The GIMP or

  • Installation of iTunes if needed including importing of your iTunes library

  • Installation of Open Source utilities to keep your PC running optimally

  • Installation of any of your legally owned software

  • Installation of any printer(s) you own

  • Importing of any personal files from an old PC (photos, movies, documents, music)

  • Free setup and delivery of the PC

  • One hour training class