Computer Shopping Consultations


Are you in the market for a new PC or Laptop? Are you unsure of what type of computer you really need? Don't go shopping alone and uninformed! Let ER Computing help you pick out the right PC to fit your needs. ER Computing can meet with you in person and we also offer phone or email consultations. Whatever works best for your busy schedule.

Why is this a good idea? The reason is actually quite simple - ER Computing is not affiliated with any PC or Laptop resellers or companies. We don't receive any commission for recommending one brand or model over another. Our goal is make sure you buy the right PC or Laptop to fit your needs and your budget.

This is one of our most popular services and for the low price of $35.00 you'll quickly see why. If you buy a PC or Laptop and let ER Computing set it up for you, we will wave the $35.00 consultation fee.

ER Computing is here to make your computer buying experience as trouble free as possible.