Are you ready for Windows 10?

Ready or not, Windows 10 is coming. Next month, July 29th to be exact, Microsoft will be releasing Windows 10 upon the world.  I've been using the Developer Preview on a 9-10 year old laptop with a used SSD I had laying around. From what I have seen so far, everything I have installed has worked fine.  If you've used Windows 8/8.1, the jump to Windows 10 is not that far of a stretch. The big highlight being the return of the Start Menu. Sure, some things are now different, but the overall Windows feel is still there. Windows 7 users are in for a steeper learning curve than Windows 8 / 8.1 users. 

Microsoft has been updating the Windows 10 preview through Windows Update. It should be safe to assume that with a release date of July 29th, Microsoft has switched into bug squashing mode. Still, there are some features in the Developer Preview that could be pulled (or even added) before Windows 10 is officially released.

Before proceeding, make sure you have 3 GB of available hard drive space - that's the amount of space needed by the install file(s) when they download. I expect the download to occur in late July, 2015.

Recently, a new icon started showing up on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 PCs. The icon looks like a white Windows logo:

Clicking on the icon brings up this window:

Before clicking on "Reserve your free upgrade", I highly recommend you click on the Hamburger menu (circled below):

Clicking the Hamburger menu opens up this view:

Click on "Check your PC":

Clicking "Check your PC" brings you to a screen that points out any issues you might have when upgrading. In my case, using a Laptop from 2008 running Windows 7, my Bluetooth radio is potentially in trouble:

Microsoft is reportedly having issues with some drivers working with Windows 10. That's possibly the issue I'm seeing here. If your PC is showing issues, hold off a few weeks and go through the process again. Microsoft will be working to make sure as many device drivers as possible are working. You might find that a device that is having an issue today, might be fixed in a few weeks. In my case, I reserved the upgrade because I don't use Bluetooth with this laptop. If your machine doesn't show any issues, you can click the "Reserve" button. That will give you the option to enter your email address if you'd like an email confirmation. Otherwise, you are done.

Note that if you reserve your copy of Windows 10, Microsoft will download it to your PC without prompting you first. This download should happen in late July. As mentioned earlier, the download is 3 GB, so keep that in mind if you are low on disk space. Once downloaded, Microsoft will give you the option to install it when you want. I highly recommend backing up your data before updating. The update is FREE as long as it's done in the first year that it's available.

If there are any questions about the developer preview, ask them in the comments section.