How I work: Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is currently the most popular web browser in the world with 62.58% usage as of March 2019. One big reason for that dominance is Chrome web extensions. Other browsers have web extensions, but Google did it first. Their web extension store is simply more mature. Having the right Chrome extensions can transform Chrome from being just a web browser into a powerful tool to get more work done…or simply get more enjoyed out of the Internet.

Having said all of that, I thought I would make a list of the Chrome web extensions that I use. I’m not going to tell you that these are the best. This is not the be all end all list of great Chrome extensions. This is merely a list of what works best for me. In no particular order…

1) Disconnect – Makes the web faster, more private, and more secure. Blocks unwanted tracking and really does make websites load faster. For example, when downloading a new version of CCleaner, the download starts almost instantly. Without Disconnect, it can take 1-2+ minutes for the download to actually start. They have a neat pricing model too – pay as much as you want. I made a one-time payment of $9.99.

2) Amazon Assistant – The official Amazon browser extension. If you are a frequent Amazon shopper, this should make your life much easier with real-time order updates and more. This extension makes it easy to add items to your wish list or shopping list.

3) Ebates – If you use Ebates, this is a must have! This extension automatically tells you when you are on a site that participates in Ebates. Never miss out on cash back again.

4) Evernote Web Clipper – I use Evernote and I have a paid account. When I see things online that I need to or want to save for later, this is what I use. I have notebooks for my house, my car, and other topics that interest me. I use Evernote for my personal note taking.

5) OneNote Web Clipper – As on Office 365 user, I use OneNote for all of my business note taking. When I see something business related that I want to save for later, this is what I use.

6) Google Keep for Chrome – When I need to access a note quickly, I put it in Google Keep. My online note taking is weird, but it works for me. Quick lists like shopping lists, and other things that I don’t need to keep forever go in Google Keep. Long term personal notes go in Evernote. Long term business notes go in OneNote.

7) Google Hangouts – I make calls on my PC through Google Hangouts and this makes it possible. Plus, since I’m a Google Fi customer, I can send and receive text messages too. Texting from an actual keyboard is so much better than from a smart phone.

8) Grammarly for Chrome – Nobody wants to sound like a High School dropout. Grammarly really helps make it look like you actually paid attention in English class. Punctuation, grammar, and spelling do matter!

9) Office Online – My old school Chromebook doesn’t support Android apps. That’s where this chrome extension really shines! I can use all of my Office 365 apps in a browser. Files save in OneDrive which is where I’d save them on my PC anyway.

10) OneTab – Google Chrome can certainly be a memory hog. OneTab makes it better. Run it and it puts all of your open tabs into a list on one Chrome tab. That frees up tons of RAM.

11) Password Alert – A handy extension from Google. It lets you know when you’ve entered your Google password on a fake login page. If it alerts you, it’s time to change your Google password!

12) Password Checkup – Another handy extension from Google. It tells you when the password your using for a website has been involved in a security breach. If it has, it alerts you that it’s time to change your password for that website.

13) TunnelBear VPN – My current favorite VPN. Why? They’re the only VPN to pass an independent security audit. Not just once, but twice! I like this service so much, I pay for it. Remember, with a VPN…if it’s free, they are making money off of you somehow. Most likely by selling your browsing data! This is one area where you don’t want to try and save money with a free service. They have Windows, Apple, and Android clients. The web extension is used on my Chromebook.

14) Remembear – My current favorite password manager, from the makers of TunnelBear! All password managers (that I’m aware of) have a Chrome extension. This didn’t work that great until after I deleted all of my passwords in Google Chrome. Now that my passwords are only being stored in Remembear, it works very well.

15) WiseStamp – My personal and business email is through Google. Gmail for personal email and my domain is managed by Google Apps for Business. WiseStamp makes keeping a great email signature easy. This is another service I like so much, I pay for it.

Do you have a favorite Chrome extension? Leave a comment and tell me all about it!