About Me

My name is Tom Rubin and I'm the owner of ER Computing. I originally started the business in Oak Forest, Illinois, back in October of 2010. Upon meeting my future wife in 2012, I knew I'd be moving myself and my business to Missouri. Sure enough, in October of 2012, Saint Clair, Missouri became my new home. I still service my Chicago customers and I travel to Chicago at least once per quarter. Thanks to the nature of what I do, I can service customers all over the country. I've had remote customers in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Oregon, Colorado, and Connecticut.

I'm ranked as one of the top Thumbtack.com PC Service Professionals in the Chicago area for 2015 and in the St. Louis area for 2016. Iā€™m a 2019 Thumbtack Top Pro.


Our Mission

We specialize in helping the home user and small business owner with their IT needs. From removing viruses, to fixing hardware and software problems, to building new PCs, we do our best to make you feel special. When I'm working on your computer, I treat it like it's the most important computer I've ever touched. We pride ourselves in treating your data like it's precious - because it is!

Our motto is: "If I can't fix it, there's no charge"